Keep your online activities private, bypass censorships, and stay safe while browsing the web. 4TFY is easy-to-use and highly secure!


4TFY will allow you hide your browsing activity from both your government and internet service provider, bypass government-imposed censorships, access geo-blocked content, mask your IP address, hide your physical location, and encrypt your internet traffic for greater browsing security.

Unrestricted Access

Do you live in a country that blocks or filters certain content? 4TFY will allow you to bypass such censorships with ease!

Total Privacy

By encrypting your internet traffic and masking your real-world location, 4TFY ensures that your ISP cannot track your online activities!

No Logging

When you connect to a 4TFY VPN server, you can rest assured with the knowledge that we are not logging what you do!

Why choose 4TFY ??

We put our customers first and work hard to exceed their expectations.

Strong Encryption

We use the strongest encryption algorithms to ensure your internet traffic is safe and secure.

Multi-OS Support

Support for all major operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

P2P Support

Some providers choose to throttle P2P traffic. Not at 4TFY! Download as much as you desire!

No More Censors

Is a certain website blocked in your region? No worries! Move past censorships with ease!

Kill Switch

4TFY's advanced kill switch technology will protect you from unexpected drop outs.

High Availability

We pride ourselves on the quality and stability of our network. We are always online!

Pricing Packages

1 Month


US$8.50 prepaid every month
  • Protect 5 Devices
  • No Logging
  • Unlimited Data
  • Strong Encryption
6 Months


US$39.00 prepaid every 6 months
  • Protect 5 Devices
  • No Logging
  • Unlimited Data
  • Strong Encryption
12 Months


US$54.00 prepaid every 12 months
  • Protect 10 Devices
  • No Logging
  • Unlimited Data
  • Strong Encryption